Saturday, December 16, 2006

Such a Busy Day

Yesterday was my first holiday granted by my boss after 9 long weeks of facing cables, connectors and laces. As a result of treasuring the holiday, I was totally exhausted but satisfied.

First, I woke up extremely (because last night I fell asleep right in front of the com at 10.30pm). Then I went to the nearest Pasar to buy my beloved family their breakfast (my first time buying breakfast alone -_-''' great achievement :D :D)

Later that afternoon, I had lunch with my colleagues as promised the night before to them. A bit paiseh that one of my colleague, Chee ended up treating me lunch. Since it was my last day at the 8mile TM, we took some pictures together. But this did not mean the end, we still plan to meet up today to buy some erm... illegal stuffs (lol)

Right after lunch, @pple sms me to ask me whether I am free for the night or not. I ended up spending the rest of the day with her, loitering around shopping complexes. Before that I also have fun observing her do some "professional" accounting chores.

Did I mention I get my hair cut because @pple and Florence said that my hair look messy? It cost me RM26 but I am quite impress with my new look. Oh... and I twisted my leg while I was in shopping spree mode, did'nt look at the floor while walking... So I ended up getting my leg adjusted back by a sinsei introduced by Florence. Luckily I still manage to drive.

Then I leave @pple to Florence for a while at night after dinner and went for piano lesson. Learn a new song but also means that I have to practice harder ... sigh...

After that, meet up with @pple and Florence again to go to the cinema to watch Possessed since it was shot in Kuching. At first I felt a bit regret purchasing the ticket after looking at the trailer and posters, scary man. But after the show finished, one thing I can comment is.... this show is a comedy.... the gals and the boys don know how to act and they juz have nice body nia -_- Amber Chia perform exotic Yoga during the movie and Harisu still look pretty eventhough she put on make up to act as a ghost. I also manage to nap for a while as usual. In short the movie was a major let down. The guy in front of me kept laughing but I think I laughed louder than him during the movie. In fact everyone seems to hold their laughter...

While we were on our way back, Florence and I had the same thoughts ----> Harisu and the guy (dunno what name) had a kiss scene... and we thought that it was disgusting. But after a few moments of pondering, I think it was still acceptable since s/he got something removed and got nice demon body shape and an angelic face. As I am writing, I am still digesting this topic... That's all from me for now~~

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finally... Done

Last Monday, my supervisor ask me to pass up my final year project presentation slide for him to see on Thursday. My mind already started to plan days ago but I ended up postpone it a day more because I cannot seem to write anything onto the slide. Ideas keep rushing in my head and I get papers full of draft about it but I couldn't seem to get it into the slides (was I repeating myself?).

Finally my other partner Joshua, finish his slides early and send it to me so that I can refer to it. After few hours of head cracking and help from my housemate Jason, finally I get to submit the paper at 1am. Now I am going to have a peaceful sleep and handle the EMI assignment. Thanks Joshua and Jason. Joshua, Jason 傻傻分不清楚。。。

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


今天终于明白你对我说的话句句都是对的。 因为我得不成熟, 我今天又跟我的朋友发生了口角虽然是在网上交谈,也该算是口角吧! 不然叫文角多难听。 得罪人真的心里很不好受, 我想我跟他之间已经隔着一道看不见的墙了。

从今以后,我得跟自己约法三章, 绝对要以以下的几条法则:

1. 我要注意从我嘴巴所吐出的话。所谓祸从口出, 以后我讲话绝对要思考再思考, 绝对不要轻举妄动。 我每一次都有话直说, 这个习惯需要改一改了。

2. 我这个人纳。。。真的缺少计划。什莫事情都想到才做,从来没有计划过。 有些事会被我忘记,有些事到了紧要关头才去做,有些事做的马马虎虎。。。 是时候在我的簿子里写一些东西了。

3. 我发现到我做事太犹疑不决, 考虑到很多因素, 其中包括朋友、亲人等等。。。 我很少把自己摆在第一位。 今天这个习惯惹来我朋友的不爽。明明是关心他却被批评得一文不值。这个朋友时白交了。所以以后我尽量坚决果断一点。有人跟我说,朋友是拿来利用的,此话真的一点都不错。


Friday, September 01, 2006


又梦见她了。 面对她, 感觉上好大的压力。这次聊着聊着我就被惊醒了。当我睁开眼之际, 我房间的夜灯熄灭了,电脑荧幕也关了, 整间房间乌黑一片。我脑子第一时间想到的是停电了。我用手提电话的灯沿着黑暗慢慢走到客厅察看电路。 果然不出所料,真的停电了。周围邻居的房子也漆黑一片。

当我要转回头回去我的房间的时候,杰森我的屋友也醒了。After minutes of crappy conversation, 我们决定驾车出去兜兜风, 看看情况有多严重。出去后才发现只有我们的area中招罢乐。到了家门口,四周还是一片漆黑,感觉犹如置身在Silent Hill 的世界, 睡衣突然全消失掉了。我们便决定去吃宵夜。那时已经三点多了。我们在Subaidah呆了整整两个小时才结帐踏上归途。当然那时候,家里已经有电了。 好一个夜晚!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


上个星期六,我的胃疼得很厉害所以跑去看医生了。 拿了药, 回家吃了,就去睡了。醒过来的时候,感觉还不错,就把药丢了(我的胃痛通常只是短暂的)。哪知道。。。 这是个噩梦的开始。
这几天我的胃一直在痛。 不管有没有食物进肚,我都会痛的冒冷汗。还让朋友们担心, 实在是有够是失败。连到了吉隆坡购买project所需物品和游玩也不能尽兴, 让全体的人员扫兴, 真得很对不住。昨天更是以因为胃痛拒绝了一个好朋友的生日会。真得很希望他能谅解我。在这里我想对他郑重地说声对不起。
导致胃痛的原因我还在寻觅着。可能这几天睡得太少乐,或者是不定时的进食时间,又或者最近所累积的压力所造成的。所以呢,我这几天尽量早睡早起(我想是不太可能乐),定时吃东西和尽量放松自己。 希望能战胜胃病。

Sunday, August 27, 2006


很感谢关心我的朋友们, 尤其是Jason, Oliver, Sebastian还有爱莱。请不要为我担心了,因为我很好。谢谢你们这一个星期来风雨无助地陪在我身边,我很感动哟!真得十分感激。 今天没心情写太多, 好想好好休息几天,让自己好好轻松下来, 自我检讨,然后在继续努力向前冲刺。加油加油加油! 谢谢你们的关心。。。 I am okay :D

Friday, August 25, 2006

Good-bye Days

慰める歌。 それは私の精神を慰めた。Good-bye daysは日本の芸術家YUIによって
第5単一行う。それは太陽の歌 と呼ばれる戯曲からない。

Good-bye Days

作詞: YUI
作曲: YUI

だからいま 会いにゆく そう決めたんだ
ポケットの この曲を 君に聴かせたい

そっとヴォリュームを上げて 確かめてみたよ

oh Good-bye days
いま 変わる気がする
 昨日までに so long
~with you

片方の イヤフォンを 君に渡す
ゆっくりと 流れ込む この瞬間

うまく愛せていますか? たまに迷うけど

oh Good-bye days
いま 変わり始めた 胸の奥 alright
~with you

できれば 悲しい 想いなんてしたくない
そのとき 笑顔で
Yeah hello!! my friend なんてさ

同じ唄を 口ずさむ時
 そばにいて I wish

…Good-bye days

The point of no return

I just wanna know what's on your mind
To know what I've said
To let you hurt so badly
Until you have totally lost faith in me
Many sleepless night I have been through
Just to try my luck
To guess the correct answer
And repent profusely
The path that we walk together is always that bright
But suddenly it caught the night
I am at the point of despair
Various thoughts rushed in and out of my mind
How come the hole is beyond repair?
Will letting you go sooth your anger?
Will you ever understand my heart?
I know it is too late
When sorry doesn't mean anything to you anymore
When it is too late to pull back the wrong that I've done
From day to day
My breaking point is challenged
I try to tolerate and compromise
Lastly, I have come upon regret
Mainly of my rushful act to accept you in my life
For I have destroyed a beautiful soul I treasure
Should I give away my heart?
So that I can see your angelic smile once again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


好久没有上来写些东西了。最近有一些懒惰, 心情又有一点儿blue。虽然脑子里面的东西很多很多,但是要把它们全部写出来就有一点困难了。
昨天的考试真的是气死人了。有温习等于没有温习一样。真得让人感到伤心难过。那教授也真是的都要离职了还要特地刁难我们。况且我们也只有一年的就读时间。真希望时间快点地过 , 这里真的是让人不想久留的地方。好像早点毕业回古晋哟!
此外,还有很多值得我去思考和检讨的问题。现在的我真的是好无助,似乎没有人能够了解我。。。 纳闷ing。

Monday, July 17, 2006

Speak correctly LA

Today, I read a short story about the importance of speaking the right way through a book that I just bought. It inspired me much because I am the one who always speak out my mind without thinking. So the story goes like this...

There was a man who invite four people to join him for dinner. When dinner time came, only three out of the four quests arrive.

The man was waited anxiously and uttered :" Sigh, the one who is suppose to come does not turn up yet..."

After listen to that sentence, the first guest felt insulted and left.

The man panicked again and uttered :" Sigh, the one who is not suppose to leave had left."

The second guest heard his comment automatically got insulted and left.

The man then turned to the last guest and said :" They got it all wrong, I am not referring to them..."

At the end, all the guest left.

The moral of this story is... think before you said anything then think again if possible before anything goes wrong. A good story.

Friday, July 14, 2006


A little bird whispered to me that according to horoscope, it is difficult for a girl to dump me because I am a scorpio. In order to dump me, she should not show obvious heart change, she must do it slowly for example act childishly bit by bit so that I can dump her. It is a very bad idea to face me head to head because of some bull shit ending such as if I don’t get the girl I love, my love will turn to hatred and I will do some major destruction (kill the girl then harakiri, maybe :D).

The first thing that popped out in my mind was "What? Crap! Bull shit!!! @x#$%& why you have to spoil my day by telling me horoscope?"

I confess that I inherit some of scorpio’s deadly poison but when it comes to relationship, I am completely out of the trail. It is hard for me to dump a girl. Sometimes I just don’t understand why many of my friends especially girl friends are so enthusiastically in love with this thing; they are mostly proven wrong anyway. They would just believe what the horoscope has to say and believe it blindly without using their senses to judge and see.

In short, if I can dominate the world, all matters related to horoscope such as books or magazines will be burned for dulling people’s mind at top priority.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Monday, April 17, 2006

Butterflies with myths

Ladies and gentlemen, today our topic is about butterfly. Hmm... Butterfly is a beautiful insects "evolve" from cocoon (oops too much pokemon -> butterfree) but their life span is so short, just like beautiful ladies (because there's a chinese saying which is beauty does not last long).

For Chinese and Japanese, butterfly is a source of happiness. And if you are the type who always day-dream or sleep, maybe there are too many soul butterflies around you until you forget the reality. Although many people think butterfly is a sweet harmless little thing, some do not cause they FEAR butterflies, either ither they have allergies for butterfly or they just think that butterfly is the soul of the dead and might bring deaths or misfortunes. To me... I sort of remember butterfly effect (What the hell...) It is like take a butterfly and you can change the past (crap!).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sunday, April 16, 2006


A simple lyrics sang out my voice deep within my heart. Had enough of you, you, you, you... It is all about you. My soul isn't gone yet. My body is made of flesh. Like what Terry Pratchett said "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance". Ignorance and fathom are only separated by a thin wall. Will listen to no more baloney. I'm soulfully twisted now. Who is going to take care of my feelings? I am going to lost myself soon enough. The problem is not me it is in you. God let there be a ray of light, even a small glimmer will do. Let there be hope so that I can get through this confusion and disappointment.

Thanks Switchfoot!


There's always something in the way
There's always something getting through
But it's not me
It's You
It's You

Sometime's ignorance
Rings true
But hope is not in what I know
It's not in me, ee
It's in You
It's in You

It's all I know
It's all I know
It's all I know

And I find peace when I'm confused
And I find hope when I'm let down
Not in me, Me,
In You
It's in You

I hope to lose myself for good
I hope to find it in the end
Not in me, Me,
In You
In You

It's all I know
It's all I know
It's all I know

In You
In You
It's in You
It's in You

There's always something in the way
There's always something getting through

But It's not me, ee

It's you
It's you
It's you
It's you
It's you
(It's all I know)
It's you
It's you
(It's all I know)
It's you
It's you
(It's all I know)
It's you
It's you
(It's all I know)
It's you
It's you...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Haley James Scott - Halo (One tree hill)

I love this song very very much. The tempo is suitable for my current mood. Ah~~ the magnetic voice of Bethany Joy Lenz... oh my gosh!!! Support the new album "Friends With Benefit"


I never promised you a ray of light,
I never promised there'd be sunshine everyday,
I give you everything I have, the good, the bad.
Why do you put me on a pedestal,
I'm so up high that I can't see the ground below,
So help me down you've got it wrong, I don't belong there.

One thing is clear,
I wear a halo,
I wear a halo when you look at me,
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so
You wouldn't say so, if you were me
And I, I just wanna love you,
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you

I always said that I would make mistakes,
I'm only human, and that's my saving grace,
I fall as hard as I try
So don't be blinded
See me as I really am, I have flaws and sometimes I even sin,
so pull me from that pedestal,
I don't belong there.

One thing is clear,
I wear a halo,
I wear a halo when you look at me,
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so
You wouldn't say so, if you were me
And I, I just wanna love you,
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you

Why you think that you know me
But In your eyes
I am something above you
It's only in your mind
Only in your mind
I wear a
I wear a
I wear a Halo

One thing is clear,
I wear a halo,
I wear a halo when you look at me,
But standing from here, you wouldn't say so
You wouldn't say so, if you were me
And I, I just wanna love you,
Oh oh I, I just wanna love you

Haaa ha-ha halo(x9)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hokkien Jokes a.k.a Siao Lang Stories

I got these from my friend through my mailbox today. Although I don't quite understand Hokkien, I had a good laugh anyway hahaha.

Ah Lian called big brother Ah Beng over the telephone.

Lian: "Ah Beng kor, I can't get my new jig saw puzzle fixed, mah-chiam all the edges cannot fix together, lah."

Beng: "Jig saw puzzle si mi picture, ha?"

Lian: "The box show a big rooster, kanna like the one in"

Beng: "Okay, lah, okay, lah. I come over to tor-long lu, lah."

Ah Beng arrives at Ah Lian's place, where she happily leads him to the kitchen table where the jigsaw puzzle is.

Ah Beng examines the puzzle and says, "Si ghee na, si bay gong, put back the corn flakes into the box, lah."


Dr. Quek made a routine house call to Mr. Lim, one of his elderly patients.

He asks, "And how are you doing today, Mr. Lim?"

Mr. Lim replies, "I feel just fine, doc. But you know, it's the strangest thing. Every night when I get up to pang jio, the bathroom light goes on for me automatically when I open the door!"

The doctor is worried that the old man is getting senile, so he phones the man's son, and the son's wife answers.

The doctor tells her, "Mrs. Lim, I'm a little concerned about your father-in-law. It seems that when he gets up to urinate at night and opens the bathroom door, the light somehow goes on..."

At which point, Mrs. Lim yells, "Aiyoh, Ah Seng! Ah Pa pang jio in the fridge again!"


QUESTION: How do you know frogs are Hokkien?
ANSWER : Because when it's cold, they go "kwah, kwah, kwah".
QUESTION : How do Hokkien prawns laugh?
ANSWER: Hae hae hae (hokkien for prawns)
QUESTION: How do Hokkien fish laugh?
ANSWER : Hu hu hu (hokkien for fish)
And here is a classic..............
QUESTION : What's the difference between Ang-mor and Hokkien fairy tales?
ANSWER: Ang-mor fairy tales begin with "Once upon a time..."
and Hokkien fairy tales begin with "Lim Peh ka li kong..."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Seeing Nirvana

It is within reach. I just couldn't imagine if that time my reflex wasn't good enough. Probably four souls are dancing merrily with the songbirds in Eden. Some guys just don't give a damn about getting rid of the ugly blubber. Besides, some people also think that watching drama is more important than there own life. Some people also don have the irresponsibilities...

Oh gosh... this can go on forever. To make it simple, my kitchen looks like an aftermath of an earthquake because my cute and adorable housemie have to consume some food to increase his lard intensity. Furthermore, he made his poor housemate that is me, taking out his laundry (yes... including his giant underwear) out of the washing machine while he enjoyed watching drama with his girl friends without any conscience-stricken.

Lastly, after he decided to boil some hot water using a kettle (you know la... fat people are afraid of cold). He just fix his buttocks on the chair and again continue watching drama. The kettle had erupted at the end with lots of water everywhere when I finally realized something was wrong and managed to turn off the fire in the nick of time.

Wow... maybe next time when he R.I.P... I sure will burn him a tv + antenna, a vcd player, a computer and lots of paper vcds which contain dramas. God bless! Amen~~

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Male = Wolves

Last two days ago, while my girl friend and I were talking about one of our friend love problem. Suddenly, she mentioned to me that guys evolved from wolves which means guys are hum sup lou in nature or "colour wolves". Apparently, she got the idea from a hong kong drama called The New Legeng of Ah Wong. I had been trying very hard to protest the idea and to protect male homo sapiens. It ended up that we both had a good laugh and the idea was sent to our friend just to "enlighten" her.

Just now I discovered two pictures that represent the male's brain which I find that it is quite true for some of my friends. But not me of course... cause I am so pure + suci + innocent + cute.... So here are the pictures.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Do you agree? I vote 50-50 -_-'''

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Standard wars: Fabian vs Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

As a start, I would like to commence with a long string of coarse language. But to pay homage to Sony and Microsoft for they have perfected my life, I decided to just shut my mouth. My motive is quite clear actually. I hope that either one company happens to see this and welcome me to do my industrial training at their companies.

My group has come out with the topic “Standard wars: Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD” for our Engineering and Society assignment. Our lecturer has approved our proposal and now we are getting our asses off the chairs to get the assignment done as fast as possible since we still have other projects and assignments to surmount.

The tasks division among our group mates was quite a success but we had wasted one week waiting for the chance to get together to deal with that. This is because some of us need to practice autoeroticism, “paktoh” and lingering around. For me, I am just plainly and simply lazy to sustain the weight of my lard because of the force of gravity.

I have volunteered to do the facts part such as Introduction, Scope, History and Background. That means I have to spend most of my time in front of the computer again neglecting all the radiations to hack for materials. This also means I have to endure quite a period of torment reading through the findings for I don’t ace in English Language and has no speed-reading ability. How I wish all of them are in the form of formula, simple and straight to the point.

However, what is done cannot be undone. The wars have begun. Either I manage to hand in on time or I flung the subject. I cannot comprehend why they need to produce two different standards for us to choose from. Like I’ve always say, live life simple. In my opinion, those two standards are just Heath Robinson contraptions. I can’t wait for the day to start cracking the discs into two parts or used them during my karate sessions.

It is almost 5am but I still have to prevent my eyelids from closing because if I am careless, it is game over for me. My alter ego doesn’t allow me to produce something imperfect. To win, I must conquer them all. (Destiny Child's song is on the air) I'm a survivor, yeah!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sleepless Nights

I don’t recall when I have become vampiric. Same as one of my friend decipher, my biological clock has twisted. I no longer wake up early in the morning. In fact, I do not sleep at night at all lately. I always manage to shut my eyes after the clock points to 8am in the morning. I can hear the birds chirping and the morning sun rays shine through my window.

The question of why my sleeping time is disrupted keeps ringing inside my mind. Why? Why? Why? The factors that I can think of are:

1. The night is still young.
2. I don’t want to waste my time sleeping myself away. I just have less than one century to live. Em… unless miracle happens.
3. Night time is cooler; I can concentrate in my studies and play games.
4. I somehow think that night time is longer than the day.

I hope I can correct my problem somehow.
P.S: Decypher aka Jason is soon going to be my housemate. COOL!!! For further article visit here

Sunday, March 05, 2006

My Friend - A Cosplay King

Since cosplay is so popular nowaday, my friend has picked up that trend. Trying to look very cool, he played as Auron in Final Fantasy X when we were studying in the library last sem. Cool huh? Too bad the library does not allow any katana inside, or else I can snap a few photos of him slashing the people inside the library. Oops, they also do not allow photo taking inside the library... Dear me... please keep it a secret... double please!!!

Here is my friend photo, the cosplayer
Image hosting by Photobucket
the character he is mimicking, Auron
Image hosting by Photobucket

So? What's your opinion? Alike huh? (please say alike, I don't wanna be killed by him... One damage is around 9999 and my hp only 1000)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Mi-Mi - Simply Delicious

Originally uploaded by fabiankueh.
It is called Mi-Mi. Em not breasts. It is a type of tidbit. Sebastian just took out a packet from nowhere during the lecture and asked me to taste some. The taste is awesom!!! I guess I am stucked with Mi-Mi for the rest of the week. Kyahahaha! Why I never see this before ler? Am I lame in craving for tidbits? Mi-mi very very delicious. I wonder when can I see "Woof-woof" or "Do-do" and "Re-re"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Decypher going wild

These are taken when Jason and I went to Jaya Jusco's arcade once upon a time.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Jason warming up by releasing a few punches on the boxing machine. *Testing *Testing
Image hosting by Photobucket
Jason : Haiyak!!! Ah Cha Ah Cha. See my "no shadow punch"
Fabian : (Gulp...) -_-'''
The computer really don't stand a chance and just let Jason punched till game over. So strong so reliable so... Next time if got some gang fight must ask him to join liao. He got potential to become ah beng. In short, Jason rules!

I HATE YOU x1x2x3x4....

Today you really get on my nerves. The little star inside off me overgrown with a tremendous pace and now getting ready to explode! Yes, EXPLODE!!!

Your irresponsibilities, laziness and your "dirtiness" make me suffer long time. Why can't you wash your plates after meal? You just keep them stacked until your mood is suitable enough to wash them, and that is like a few days later.

Why can't you take your laundry out after the washing machine has finished washing them? Instead of taking up, you just wait for another day or just wait for me to take them out for you. Hey, I am not your servant la, damn it. I just want to use the damn washing machine.

Why can't you just be a little bit responsible and try to settle things more quickly? Why can't you remember the dos and the don'ts when you are sharing a house with someone? Is that you don't have any time management or you just don't give a damn what is happening around you? Why it is always me who has to urge you to take an action? Why I am the one who has to suffer from all your misbehaviour? I think if you quit all that negative "auras" of yours, you don't need to go on a diet. You will definitely be slimmer, I swear.

Just now when I wanted to take my snacks from the fridge, I discovered a bag full of broken eggs on top of my tupperware which contained my lovely snacks. The mixture of egg yolk and egg white is all over my container. I was dumbfounded at first wondering to whom this santanic joke might belong to. The first person who successfully flashed in my mind after a few seconds was you.

There I was knocking on your door asking about the plastics full of eggs. Not to my surprise, you admit that the eggs are yours and you have accidently do something to make the precious "little chick to be" to be turned out into this wasteful liquid yesterday. AND yet you said you are too busy to clean it up and just throw it inside the fridge again. Busy my shit la. If I didn't see you for days (which I always hope so), that is forgivable. But you just stayed inside your room ejaculating and spraying sperms surfing the net and listening to your repeatitive chinese song. What is that business you are referring to? KNNCCB, I didn't even receive any apology from all the harzards you have caused me all these while.

Luckily, after this sem, I won't be seeing you already. Thank God. Rejoice x100 power of infinity. Leganya saya after writing out my feeling. Guess I will go and throw some eggs inside his room. If you see this post, it is time you repent to God. If not...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Foggy Day

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This photo was taken last semester, a few months before when Malacca was raining everyday. Nope... this was not morning. It was an evening where the sun can't even penetrate the fog. I like this kind of weather. Cool and fresh. The whole scenery is like wow!!! A beauty want tree got tree want hill got hill. Hehe I am proud to say that I live in this neighbourhood.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coffee And My Old Time Favourite... Wo Die

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Miss the coffee in Kuching. Hope I can get back soon. I dunno why... but the taste of the coffee in Kuching is more compact, more omph, more delicious and more.... Okay I stop... I can finish three to four glass of coffee in Kuching... but here ... one should be enough except for Starbucks and Coffee Bean la.
Of course, for the wo die I don't think many of you out there know what am I talking about hehe. So here is the picture. EnjoyImage hosting by Photobucket

Is it finger licking good? I think so too... These things can go really tasty when you dip them in garlic sauce provided by the hawkers. Wah... I am hungry now so I guess I should stop blogging.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Killing me softly

I have fallen for him, thoroughly, truly, madly and deeply. It is that kind of passionate love that makes you able to take the whole moon down for him. Sadly though, my movement is limited and the only thing I can do is just catch the wonderful things he intends to see and preserve by using my eye and body. However, I have amnesia sometimes when he asked for "our" precious memory. The memory just went out one frame by one frame without me realizing... And by the time I realized... most of them are gone... I hope he still has the back up.

I like his finger touching and lingering through my whole body. When I am high enough, my eye sometime release a white ray and shines his world. That's when I know we share the same memory. Luckily, he only poke me with a stick when he needed to, unlike some of my friends where they are poked almost every second. It hurts bad... but also syok in a way.

I can't express how much I love him and this hurts me a lot. Whenever I feel his touch and his gentleness, I am happy but depress. I can't tell how desperate I am to stay by his side all the time and I can't say how much I needed him when I am alone in my blanket or in the dark.

Time is passing by slowly and my pain grows with each ticking of the clock. The seconds are just like sharp razors penetrating through my body. His love is killing me slowly. Today, I finally break down. After his last attempt of erasing our memories once again, I can't seem to bear it anymore. I have reach my peak of calmness. Then I just go blank.

I guess this is a good way to end my suffering. I can finally rest in peace. But, he still don't want to let go off me. The final words I heard him uttered is "Shit! I have to go to the camera shop and fix it fast!". Well... Maybe he loves me after all.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Second attempt.... Very true until I afraid and stop another attempt....

The Keys to Your Heart
You are attracted to good manners and elegance.
In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.
You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.
In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted.
What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

Did not believe it is sooo real... scary... I should listen to my mama not to do this kind of test.

Death Awaits???

You Are Death
You symbolize the end, which can be frightening.But you also symbolize the immortality of the soul.You represent transformation, rebirth of a new life.Sweeping away the past is part of this card, as painful as it may be.
Your fortune:
Don't worry, this card does not predict death itself.Instead it foreshadows the ending of an era of your life, one that is hard to let go of.But with the future great new things will come, and it's time to embrace them.Mourn for a while, but then face the future with humility and courage.
What Tarot Card Are You?

Holy shit! This come out? Why so accurate with the current situation? Eh? Blur blur...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

3 Years Older wtf!!!???!!!

Just now, my beloved classmate (ice-cream) sent a link about "aging act" to me. How shock I was when I get the result saying that I am 24 years old. Come on la... I am still young man. Maybe I need to change my attitude somewhere.

You Are 24 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.