Monday, July 17, 2006

Speak correctly LA

Today, I read a short story about the importance of speaking the right way through a book that I just bought. It inspired me much because I am the one who always speak out my mind without thinking. So the story goes like this...

There was a man who invite four people to join him for dinner. When dinner time came, only three out of the four quests arrive.

The man was waited anxiously and uttered :" Sigh, the one who is suppose to come does not turn up yet..."

After listen to that sentence, the first guest felt insulted and left.

The man panicked again and uttered :" Sigh, the one who is not suppose to leave had left."

The second guest heard his comment automatically got insulted and left.

The man then turned to the last guest and said :" They got it all wrong, I am not referring to them..."

At the end, all the guest left.

The moral of this story is... think before you said anything then think again if possible before anything goes wrong. A good story.

Friday, July 14, 2006


A little bird whispered to me that according to horoscope, it is difficult for a girl to dump me because I am a scorpio. In order to dump me, she should not show obvious heart change, she must do it slowly for example act childishly bit by bit so that I can dump her. It is a very bad idea to face me head to head because of some bull shit ending such as if I don’t get the girl I love, my love will turn to hatred and I will do some major destruction (kill the girl then harakiri, maybe :D).

The first thing that popped out in my mind was "What? Crap! Bull shit!!! @x#$%& why you have to spoil my day by telling me horoscope?"

I confess that I inherit some of scorpio’s deadly poison but when it comes to relationship, I am completely out of the trail. It is hard for me to dump a girl. Sometimes I just don’t understand why many of my friends especially girl friends are so enthusiastically in love with this thing; they are mostly proven wrong anyway. They would just believe what the horoscope has to say and believe it blindly without using their senses to judge and see.

In short, if I can dominate the world, all matters related to horoscope such as books or magazines will be burned for dulling people’s mind at top priority.

Sunday, July 09, 2006