Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wilber Pan - Bu De Bu Ai (Pin Yin, Romanji lyric)

Today, joshua ask this Mr Info to find him the pin yin version bu de bu ai sang by Wilber Pan and Zhang Xiang Zhi. I failed of course... so I send me my own version of pin yin to him. For those out there who doesn't know this song, quick quick go and buy. It is in da Wilber Pan new album called "Gao Shou".

Here is the chinese version of the lyric.

I love you
I love you ,
不得不爱 否则快乐从何而来
不得不爱 否则悲伤从何而来
不得不爱 否则我就失去未来
I love you
I love you ,

难道难过是上天的安排 没办法天天的每天的心思到底有谁来陪我成心
不得不爱 否则悲伤从何而来
不得不爱 否则我就失去未来
I love you 我就是要你让我每天都精彩天天把他挂嘴边,
I love you ,
I love you 我就是要你让我每天都精彩天天把他挂嘴边,
到底什么是真爱I love you ,到底要几分钟比我的想象更快.

And finally my english or pin yin version of lyrics :

tian tian dou xu yao ni ai,
wo de xing shi you ni cai,
I love you,
wo jiu shi yao ni rang wo mei tian dou jing cai

tian tian ba ta gua zhui bian
dao di shen me shi zhen ai
I love you
dao di you ji fen shuo de bi xiang xiang geng kuai

shi wo men gang qing feng fu tai kang kai
hai shi shang tian ang pai
shi wo men ben lai jiu shi na yi ban
hai shi she bu de tai guai
shi na yi chi yue ding le mei you lai
rang wo ku de xiang xiao hai
shi wo men ji zhe zheng ming wo chun zai
hai shi bu ai hui fa dai

bu de bu ai, bu zhi kuai le chong he er lai,
bu de bu ai, fang xia bei shang chong her er lai,
bu de bu ai, fou zhi wo jiu shi qu wei lai

hai xiang shen me you qi bu neng zhi ji shi bai
ke shi mei tian dou guo de jing cai
tian tian dou xu yao ni ai
wo de xing zhi you ni zai
I love you
wo jiu shi yao ni rang wo mei tian dou jing cai

tian tian ba ta gua zhui bian
dao di shen me shi zhen ai
I love you
dao di you ji fen shuo de bi xiang xiang geng kuai

I ask gal fren how you been
lai qu le ji hui
wo chong lai mei you xiang guo ai qing hui bian de ru chi wu nai,
shi ming yun ma, nan dao nan guo shi shang tian de an pai,
mei ban fa,
tian tian de mei tian de xing shi dao di you shui lai pei,
wo cheng xin, ni cheng yi
dan zhou wei rao ren huan jin shi zhong rang wo men wu fa zai zhi li zhi you xiang lian
wo jin cai, ni fa dai,
liang ke xin bu an de yao bai,
ying gai you de wei lai,
shi fou zhen ne na me wu fa qi dai
she bu de zai shang hai,
you're my girl my girl my friend
how much I love you so so much
kan zhe ni ai chou
yao wo ru he zhen me cheng shou mian dui
I'm sorry you're my sweetheart
my love
my one and only baby

hui bu hui you yi dian wu nai
hui bu hui you yi dian tai kuai
ke shi ni gei wo de ai
rang wo yang cheng le yi lai
xing zhong chong man ai de jie pai
tian tian dou xu yao ni ai
wo de xing shui you ni zai
I love you
wo jiu shi yao rang ni mei tian dou jing cai

Friday, July 15, 2005

A Wonderful Day

Hahaha, what a wonderful day I had today cause I FINALLY start to get rid of some of my flu. I start by attending my 9am tutorial class. This is kind of sucky because I have to wake up early and get poked by my friend in my class. Argghhh I always hate people poking my waist. Luckily, he got pretty occupied with the tutorial questions that we have to pass up within one week.
After that tutorial class, I went downstairs to vote for my favourite canditates for SRC which is our Student Representative Council. We get to vote once a year and by the way got SAPS points wor... who don't want. Oh me gosh! 10.00am there was a whole long queue of freshies waiting to take their votes. Better wait for half an hour first. Fuuh, after going for breakfast and ATM (chun chun half an hour) I got my voting done within 5 minutes (hehehe, pretty cool huh). But the worst part about this was, I have to vote 5 candidates out of 6 and 2 more out of 3 without a choice. So, I had no choice but to vote for people not my "sam sui" including a girl whose use a phrase "Vote Now, Talk Later..." as her main attraction for votes which makes me doubt her efficiency in representing us, the students (a vase probably... *sweat...).
Then I got to kacau one of gang by using a nick name given to him by his gf. I found out about his nick name accidentally at his gf's blog this morning. So, I enjoyed a pleasant time teasing him and calling different combinations of his nick names. Nice to see his face turned from normal to red then to more reddish ahahaha... I am so bad.
Later, I spend quite an enjoyable time late afternoon with Sebastian and that particular nick-named friend by watching animes and comics at my place.
Then at 6 pm as we were about to advanced to our lecture, a friend (Kelapa) told us that there was no class. Aih what to do... I din know cause I din go online and check ma. It is too early for dinner bit what to do? Eat first hungry later. Too bad for me that I have to waste one hour of my precious time eating at a fast food restaurant waiting for the rain to stop.
Then tonight, I played squash which I decided to give up but to tempting to give up with Sebastian. Ahaha, as usual, I kalah teruk to him but at the end, I "unofficially" win by one match which he didn't want to recognize. What to do? Try harder next time lor. After a "lateh" session with Sebastian and a few gossipings ( achiachos), I parted with Sebastian and returned home. And what did I do after this? Well, of course blogging la!
Hmmm... wonder what should I do tomorrow? Tech time is tomorrow... Yeah... hoping to buy some cheap PC stuffs there. Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Fingers tired night

I am sick for a week now, now,sitting motionless in front of the monitor, looking blankly into the screen deciding what to do tonight. Suddenly, I just remember I haven't check my hotmail for almost three days now. Hope my 25Mb mailbox won't get flared so easily.

The most stupid action I did tonight was open my msn messenger, sign in without invicible mode juz to click the shortcut icon to my mailbox (no need to sign in by typing my username and password ma). As soon as I resurface, many msn windows began to pop up in front of me. The end, I had to spend four hours ++ checking my mailbox besides chatting away with love affairs, talking about "prawns and crabs", bossing about people's business and hearing bussiness plans. Hmm... I sure get myself pretty entertain. But I start to wonder, is it the right thing to do? Spending my four hours juz like that? Argghhh... my fingers are tired and painful...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stop Squashing

Okay, now I finally wanna settle this once and for all. I will stop playing squash for sometimes. Initially, I play squash for the few following points:

1. Keeping fit.
2. Mantaining a stable friendship with my gang.
3. Playing squash makes me feel lively and happy.

Okay, now I start to weigh the consequences and reject above initiatives.

1. My figure still like a big moving pear after a few weeks, so I don't think squash can trim my shape any further. It is not like I din't have a balance diet or something. Maybe this is a sign from god that I must show gratitude for the figure he has given me. Now, I think I just have to show some gratitude by living my day to the fullest and not to toture my body by eating two meals a day and doing excessive excercises.

2. Okay, playing squash now will mantain a stable frienship, but I think I will see my gang everyday either during lectures or "la teh" (supper) session. May they forgive me by not going to squash session. Furthermore, the people who wanna join us for squash keep increasing and I think I have some difficult time interacting with them. (Something is definitelyy wrong with me cause last time I used to enjoy making friends).

3. Lastly, after a harsh day of lectures, a nice squash sessions are most enjoying and relaxing. However, lately with the increasing internal and external disturbances that comes into my life, I still feel depress and grew more tired after the squash session.

In short, bye bye to my squash ball, racquet and my nike sport shoes. I will now dump put you all into a tightly sealed box with a label - do not open. Sayoonara.


Tonight, 1.45am Fabian's room, malacca:

Printer (Canon S100SP) : kling kling kliang kliang

Fabian : Eh, work la you idiotic slave, why you don't move?

Printer : I already four years old liao, wanna die d, think I will not be serving you anymore.

Fabian : Bang, Bang , Bang. (Gets very angry and slam the printer with all his might)

After a few seconds...

Fabian : Fuhh, I should get a new printer already. This printer makes me angry only.

Printer : ":X" - DEAD - (May he rset in peace)

I need to say thanks for my printer because he service me for three years already, eventhough he did broke down once because some bloody fool throw some pieces polisterine into my printer, scared he will died of hunger (like I am an abusive master). After the service after the break down, all he did was keep frustrating me by stucking in the middle of the printing process and etc. Oh well, it is a good thing he broke now, I am gonna say bye bye without turning my back even once.

So, if anybody knows some good printers with quite cheap price, please let me know... Just wanna buy one to print my notes.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Today I somehow got a feeling that one of my possessions will be broken by someone. So, I went practicing on how to handle this kind of situation (to free mah, nothing to do). To sum up what I’d practiced, “I forgive you, never mind” is the phrase. I guess this is my golden phrase since I was a kid till now, talk about kind and soft-hearted (kembang, kembang, kembang).

However, I did not know that my practice came into live action that fast. The incident happened when we (my usual gang and I) were about to finish playing squash…

Oli : Hey Fab, look at your racquet.
Me : Ha? What’s wrong with it? (Look look and blink blink)
Oli : (Flip flip flip the racquet)
Me : (Still observing hard to find if he is going to do some magic tricks or what)
Oli : (Can’t tolerate my blurness already) Sorry, I broke your racquet. Now it is kemek already. Tell me the price and I will pay you back.
Me : (Blink and pause for a few seconds)Oh, never mind. Don’t worry about it.

The conversation went on and on with Oli keeps apologizing and I keep neverminding and the end, luckily, my racquet is saved and twisted to the normal self after Oli’s few attempts. Then we go happily drinking at mamak.

After I arrived at home, I started to analyze why I can forgive Oli and without asking for any pay back. I came out with a few possible answers which include, I am soft-hearted and kind (LOL). Other is, my racquet is priceless because this was first racquet that my father had bought to me. So, even though the racquet is in bad shape, I still keep it. This includes my other racquet (bought by my mum) which is gone case with the same kind of tragedy but my own fault of course.

Up to now, I still get many kinds of premonition example people scolding me for doing something wrong, when I will miss class and so on. But my entire premonition is something bad, I wonder if this is a blessing or a curse. Sometimes, I also wonder, how can I get such accurate premonition. My question is left untouched because until now, there is still no scientific proof in this category. Maybe my case should be categorized in the X-files instead hehe.