Saturday, December 16, 2006

Such a Busy Day

Yesterday was my first holiday granted by my boss after 9 long weeks of facing cables, connectors and laces. As a result of treasuring the holiday, I was totally exhausted but satisfied.

First, I woke up extremely (because last night I fell asleep right in front of the com at 10.30pm). Then I went to the nearest Pasar to buy my beloved family their breakfast (my first time buying breakfast alone -_-''' great achievement :D :D)

Later that afternoon, I had lunch with my colleagues as promised the night before to them. A bit paiseh that one of my colleague, Chee ended up treating me lunch. Since it was my last day at the 8mile TM, we took some pictures together. But this did not mean the end, we still plan to meet up today to buy some erm... illegal stuffs (lol)

Right after lunch, @pple sms me to ask me whether I am free for the night or not. I ended up spending the rest of the day with her, loitering around shopping complexes. Before that I also have fun observing her do some "professional" accounting chores.

Did I mention I get my hair cut because @pple and Florence said that my hair look messy? It cost me RM26 but I am quite impress with my new look. Oh... and I twisted my leg while I was in shopping spree mode, did'nt look at the floor while walking... So I ended up getting my leg adjusted back by a sinsei introduced by Florence. Luckily I still manage to drive.

Then I leave @pple to Florence for a while at night after dinner and went for piano lesson. Learn a new song but also means that I have to practice harder ... sigh...

After that, meet up with @pple and Florence again to go to the cinema to watch Possessed since it was shot in Kuching. At first I felt a bit regret purchasing the ticket after looking at the trailer and posters, scary man. But after the show finished, one thing I can comment is.... this show is a comedy.... the gals and the boys don know how to act and they juz have nice body nia -_- Amber Chia perform exotic Yoga during the movie and Harisu still look pretty eventhough she put on make up to act as a ghost. I also manage to nap for a while as usual. In short the movie was a major let down. The guy in front of me kept laughing but I think I laughed louder than him during the movie. In fact everyone seems to hold their laughter...

While we were on our way back, Florence and I had the same thoughts ----> Harisu and the guy (dunno what name) had a kiss scene... and we thought that it was disgusting. But after a few moments of pondering, I think it was still acceptable since s/he got something removed and got nice demon body shape and an angelic face. As I am writing, I am still digesting this topic... That's all from me for now~~