Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleep and rise early

Now I am kissing my student life goodbye one by one. Habits like sleep until the sun can burn your butt and skip classes have to be forgone and forgotten. Now I even have work on Saturday. Sometimes I feel jealous when my friend start to plan for their weekend.

The most recent habit I gave up was sleeping late because of three reasons:
1. My parents would nag me
2. Sleep at 3 and wake up at 7? No way!
3. Fuel get low easily. Do anything also will get tired easily after working hour.

Normally, I would just lie on the bed resting and eventually, I will fall asleep. It is an unhealthy symptom and I have to find a solution to change my current lifestyle. Sad, my social link is running low.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


What should I achieve in life or what should I do with my life. Lately my life is fill with question marks. Feel like riding a never-ending spinning teacup. I just keep on turning and turning until my head goes dizzy without stopping for a time out to puke. It can be said that I have reached the stage where life is suffocating. Should I increase my pace and head butt ahead or pull an emergency break? All of them involve a fair amount of risks which reminds me of Robert Frost's poem. Life sucks as an engineer. Dull and lifeless.