Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sleep and rise early

Now I am kissing my student life goodbye one by one. Habits like sleep until the sun can burn your butt and skip classes have to be forgone and forgotten. Now I even have work on Saturday. Sometimes I feel jealous when my friend start to plan for their weekend.

The most recent habit I gave up was sleeping late because of three reasons:
1. My parents would nag me
2. Sleep at 3 and wake up at 7? No way!
3. Fuel get low easily. Do anything also will get tired easily after working hour.

Normally, I would just lie on the bed resting and eventually, I will fall asleep. It is an unhealthy symptom and I have to find a solution to change my current lifestyle. Sad, my social link is running low.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


What should I achieve in life or what should I do with my life. Lately my life is fill with question marks. Feel like riding a never-ending spinning teacup. I just keep on turning and turning until my head goes dizzy without stopping for a time out to puke. It can be said that I have reached the stage where life is suffocating. Should I increase my pace and head butt ahead or pull an emergency break? All of them involve a fair amount of risks which reminds me of Robert Frost's poem. Life sucks as an engineer. Dull and lifeless.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big Loss

Shoot! The monkeys today made me so angry. They really acted like monkeys just coming out of the jungle. At that time I was so mad and so brainless that I smacked my lovely antenna pen at the table. At the end, of course it was broken. It was a gift from one of my mother's student from Japan. So if anyone see a similar pen like this on the market, please let me know :(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chickens Spree!!!

Haha... Initially, I installed the "Chicken Invaders III - The Revenge of the Yolk" to let 老妖 engross with it so that she will not go digging at my private "stuffs" :p . However, it is I who had fallen to this flashy mini game. I spent hours advancing to the next levels. At the end, I had sacrificed my sleeping time.

Now, I have conquered the game. I have acquired all the medals and played the game to its maximum potential. Finally, I can ....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The starting of the game ... AAAAAA.... notice the fork??? KFC time.

The special power existed only if you beat the game once hahaa. You can use forks to thrust the chickens.
The final boss of the game, an egg yolk. Will suffer a protein overdose tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poem of Lies

One dark night when all was bright.
Two dead men got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other.
Pulled out their guns and stabbed each other.
If you don’t believe this lie is true.
Ask the blind man he saw it too.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On The Run

So many things to do yet so little time I have :(

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Love One Piece

Been spending my whole Chinese New Year to catch up to the recent series of One Piece (Anime and manga). Love their story lines and battles. However, the battle seems too long in one island. Below are the newest bounty for the Monkey D. Luffy and his nakama tachi.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I suggested to the gang that we all go "300" watching today. It turned out that I will never regret spending my two hours of my life watching this movie. The CG was stunning and the story line was fascinating (Geessh... how those beefcakes trained their bodie? I would like one too.) Oh, plus there were bloods everywhere, however there were no massive piles of blood to be seen after each battle scenes.

What brought my mind into thoughts was the Spartan’s way of living to fight and to die in combat during a campaign with honor. Their self-discipline and courage in the face of pain and danger had upgraded my horizon in my view towards life. These are the two values that most people lack of nowadays. Take me for example. I’ve always lost my concentration when I am doing a task assigned to me such as programming or studying to watching dramas and web surfing. For the Spartans, if they did not have self-discipline, it might cause them their lives and shame. Besides, many people also afraid to face challenges and obstacles in life. In the movie, the 300 Spartans never retreat even though they had the chance and even though they knew staying there was an express ticket to hell. At the end, they fought till they drew out their last breathe. The moral of the story is “do not give in to fear and move forward” but it is okay to retreat if the outcome will bring deaths.

I almost cried at the end (the tears was rolling inside and I managed to suck them in using all my might) when King Leonidas was about to die when he uttered “my queen, my wife, my love, be strong, goodbye” (at least this was what I heard). He never managed to tell how deep his love was to his wife, he never did because it would show how fragile he was. I think most men feel the same way too. Saying the word “I love you” is as hard as climbing Mountain Everest.

To sum up, this was a superb movie. Oh, and the Oracle was the most eye-soothing object in the movie.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally One Down Three To Go

Just yesterday, the Pretender chaur and I managed to get out hardware Lomo done. Finally can let go off the rock in my heat. I was more relieved when our supervisor Mr.Alan said that our hardware was good. Now I can fully concentrate on my software, thesis and presentation. The software still needs lots of constructions and debugging, hope I can finish them on time. The below pictures were taken from our digitize Lomo camera :D I think Dr. Dirk will be proud too :p

Yesterday, I also had the longest dinner among friends. We started to dine at 6.45 and finished around 10 something. However, it was really pleasant where I got to hang out with my old pals (Soon Aik, Sebastian and Echaur). I also had my first Petai dish (first time ate Petai).

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Finally Clean!

Tonight, we (Jason and I) finally got our kitchen clean. It had been staying dirty for almost a year now. After much influence of Monica from "Friends", I'd decided to pull my old pal/house mate Jason to do the cleaning together. After much toss and throw, rub and wash, we'd finally got the kitchen clean... It was a great achievement!

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Thursday, March 01, 2007


It was late at night and I took a personality test... It turned out that I am over-matured (too old) @.@ Tomorrow should go and buy some anti-aging cream liao!!

The test was in chinese.

1. 模仿豬媽媽聲音騙開門
2. 用槌子把門整個砸壞
3. 從煙囪偷偷爬進屋內
4. 等小豬沒戒心自己出來
5. 用煙把小豬燻到暈倒

The answers

1. 選<模仿豬媽媽聲音騙開門>的朋友

2. 選<用槌子把門整個砸壞>的朋友

3. 選<從煙囪偷偷爬進屋內>的朋友

4. 選<等小豬沒戒心自己出來>的朋友

5. 選<用煙把小豬燻到暈倒>的朋友

Hmm... I chose
等小豬沒戒心自己出來 as my answer... Next time I would try not to be sly.