Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mahjong Fever

Today at Fab's house...

Dodo Cheng : What are you waiting for, police ka?
Fabian : Yayay, keluar West...
Dodo Cheng : Makan, "Hu ZhO!.... 13 Yao!"
Fabian : Die... bankrupt... GY!!! Don't let me see you again... I'll srew you.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Fabian's cooking class

Fab :
*opened open two packets of Maggie Mee
*boiled water boil water
*opened fridge got some meat balls and two eggs
*closed fridge
*broke the eggs and kacaued the egg yolks and white together.
*poured the meat balls in the boiling water.

When he prepared to campur the maggie mee...
Fire : Oi... oi... pal I am almost out... hel.....p.
The fire is dead... Fab ran out of gas.

Fab :
*looks very cool
*took up the meatballs and ate it
*poured the egg mixtures in the basin
*washed plates
*threw away the maggie mee
*sat down in front of the com and messaged jxt2j...

"Oi... jason... hungry? Wanna go eat?"
"Okay. Meet at the phone booth at two later"

Monday, March 21, 2005

Chess Master - Finale

I decided to put a stop on the chess master series since there is no one reading it, so here goes the final part for my dearest fan si (a cold wind blowing since there is nobody here)....

Fabian and Joshua cannot find any path that links to the exist. "arrrrghhhh!!!"Fabian screamed in frustration!!!
"Whoi! What are you screaming at the middle of the night??""Eh"Fabian looked around his surrounding. He was lying on the balcony same like last night."Maybe I was just dreaming la... Who cares?" So Fabian just went in the house and call it a day.
Inside his pocket there laid the same chess set quietly glowing without his notice.

-The end-

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hotaru no Haka

Em, to translate this it means "The tombstone of fireflies" or "The grave of the fireflies" To people who know me, I watch lots of anime. Sometimes, I become too choosy where I chose the anime with the style of drawing I like. I know there exists this movie since I was young but I don’t even bother to watch it because it is sooo not my cup of tea.

But last night, I finally sat in front of the com and finished the whole one and a half hour movie. It is specially recommended to leng luis and leng chais sekalian or for those who in a middle of chasing a gal. As her to watch the movie with you and during the movie, she sure cry like baby and you can… Eh hem… enough of the leng lui chasing tips, now for the synopsis.
This movie took place at the Second War World (I guess, not fond with the herstory) where there are a teenage boy (quite handsome) with his little sister (super cute). When their hometown kena bombed, they are forced to live with their relative bit later they shifted out to a cave. During the whole movie, there are many cham cham, kolien kolien, loving, touching and even more cham cham scenes which prevent you from closing the movie and say “What the fuck!” I shall tell you all briefly nia lor, cause I don’t want to be the spoiler. For this movie, I will give five out of five.

Strongly recommended because it is educational, makes you thing a hell lot and also drop a full pail of tears. It is more better to watch this than watching the recent anime which is good to see but crappy to digest anything from it. After watching, I think I began to appreciate food (*spoiler – cause the lil sister is so cham) and decided to treat my family and friends nicer (spend time with them and so on). Overall, I think I have evolved to a much much mature self. (Shhh... I also ended up wetting my cheeks hehehe) Here I enclosed a few synopsis I get online...

War does not only involve soldiers. During WWII, Seita and Setsuko flee from their homes one night when the air raid alarm sounds. With the fall of the fire bombs, they become orphans and homeless. This film, based the semi-autobiography by Akiyuki Nosaka, relates the tragedies of war as Seita and Setsuko struggle to survive with only each other to hold onto.

14 years old. With his father away with the Navy, he is the responsible member of the household. During the air raids, he is the one to take care of this sister while instructing his Mom to go to the shelter first. He protects his younger sister Setsuko like a parent, and tries his best to keep her safe. When she is sad, he will try to cheer her up. Believed very strongly in his father and the Japanese army. Did not believe they were going to lose. He is stubborn, perhaps stemming from pride. War made him grow up too fast. He had to see to the burial of his Mother by himself and he became his sister's protector and provider.
Only 4 years old. Adores her older brother Seita, and eager to help him when she can. A very happy and innocent girl at the start of the film. At times, she seems too innocent to understand the war taking place around her. When she and Seita first walk back to their town after it was completely destroyed by the air raid, she merely looks and tells her brother she needs to go to the bathroom. However, when she became aware that her Mother was dead even without anyone directly telling her so, she cried knowing that she was never coming back. After suffering so much loss, she becomes terrifed of losing her brother. He would be the one to lose her.

This boy had a more matured look compare to a grown up man.

Flying Tiger

Have you ever seen a tiger that has wings and can fly? For me I had seen it last week. Together with Jason.
Together, we recite these phrase :"Look! It's a bird" "No, it's a plane!" (Together)"No! It's Super TIGGER!!!!"
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Pimples - The Devil's Advocate

Me : Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! More pimples more pimples!
Pimples : Halo Fabian, we are buddies from today onwards!
Me : No~~~~ help~~ *rush to toilet, wash face, rush to room tampal seaweed shine
control moisture cream, look at mirror, look look look*
Me : Aih aih… Why won’t it disappear… there are more and more everyday. Is this
really qing chun~~??? Kanasai! HELP!!! ANYBODY!!! I NEED HELP!!!
Pimples : *Singing* you just can’t get me out of your face.

*Anyone, if you know a good method to stop pimples don’t hesitate to share with me please*

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Three Days of Boredom

After coming back from Jusco with Jason last saturday...

Me : *switch on computer .... eh why got bau busuk coming out from my CPU eh?

After a while...

Me : Eh... the whole the whole thing goes blank liao ler. * press the power button on the CPU for a few times. (In deep thoughts) Hmm... better find the computer genius, Jason! *dial dial dial.
Me: Halo Jason, can come to my house or not... com rosak ler.
Jason : Ok, no problem.

Jason : It seems that your power supply game over d.
Me : I c I c... yer no shop open tomorrow ler... What am I going to do? Might as well bang on the wall and faint for one day.
Jason : Good luck. *Walk home.

Me : *Dial Dial Dial... Halo, Joshua? bla bla bla
Joshua : Bla bla bla...
Me : Bla Ble Blu.
Joshua : Bli Bla Ble...
Me :* Hanged up the phobe. *Dial Dial Dial. Halo Sebastian?
Sebastian :Ya here.
Me: Bla Bla Bla...
Sebastian : Ok!

So, Joshua, Sebastian, and I end up playing UNO at Joshua's house. And later, I ended up staying overnight at Joshua house. This is the first time in my life that I stayed overnight at a fren's house. Then my second and third day was spent reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and lots of sleeps.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Lesson Learn Through Life

Em... this not lesson la. This is just personal experience after a few incidents happened last year. Just found these notes on my personal helper when I was clearing out my desktop just now. So I guess I just talk a little bit here. A bit shy la but who cares, it is my blog anywhere.

1.Try to be mature, don't ACT CUTE.
Hmm,,, this is my major weakness. I always try to act cute. Or maybe I am just too cute anyway. This may due to the influence of anime and japanese comics I read. I always like people say me cute. I got this complement since I am a baby till now. But I kind of hate it now. Why? Cause, my friend, Joshua told me that if some one regard you as cute that means you are ugly but adorable. Ouch! That got me! Gotta let someone call me leng zhai instead of cute someday, so I should stick on this guideline. (But I don wanna grow old ler, I am always 18... ya?)

2. Don't be so kepo.
Ahaha... I like to "pat" around like gals. I really enjoy "pating". For many people out there who do not know what is "pat", let me define this. "Pat" is asking around for others people masalah-masalah problems (this is sort of a good act), give suggesrtions to that matter(I always like that) and talk about other people back - tuk pui zhek (I rarely did this... but shhh...). Last year, I did something that was terribly wrong and out of my mind that was trying to remind one of my best friend (self-proclaimed) about something (which he has yet done until now). However he said fucked up and said that he could take care of that himself. He also added that he was not that kind of forgetful person. I was so pissed so I decided not to be so kepo on this kind of matters anymore. Just let them rot! (Me laughing davilishly)

3. Don't reveal yourself to much.
This is a warning to everyone. Don't spilt everything out about yourself in front of someone eventhough he or she is your best friend or what. God know at someday they will khianat betray you or even let you sink in deep shit! Before, I'm always that kind of angelic person who is so angelic enough to trust anyone since I thought evryone has a angelic heart like me (here here... here is the plastic bag for you to barf). This incident I just want to keep to myself because I forgot what incident actually enlightened me to write this note to myself.

The end, I just wanna flush all this notes together with the bad memories away from my brain and computer as the past is the past. Nothing you can do to tune it right. But for the present I will stick closely to my principe. There will be more to come haha so folks be sure to hold on and sustain my long winded cacatic lessons!

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Legendary Chess Master – The Hero’s Destiny

After the lights faded, an old man appeared.
"O brave hero please find all the chess pieces to prevent the ruin of the entire world! The chess board shall guide you to the correct path!"
After saying the phrase, the image vanished and made Fabian squatting puzzled in front of the chess set.

The next day, Fabian took the chess set to school to let the mighty scientist, Jason to have a look. But upon reaching the laboratory which Jason was doing research, Fabian felt a glimpse of discomfort. However, he opened the door without much hesitation.

"Give me the chess set… give me!" A few students wearing white cloaks moving zombiely towards Fabian.

"What's wrong with you all?! Somebody help me!"

"This room is sound proof and nobody is coming to save you. Now, just hand me the chess board and I guaranteed you a well-paid post in the Dark World."

Fabian instantly knew that it was Jason's voice and he was standing just beside Fabian as if he knew some sort of teleportation. Fabian quickly jumped to another corner. The conditioned here did not side him, because there are more and more zombified scientist came cornering him to a corner.

"Don't be afraid, Lord Mick will also welcome you to become his loyal follower if you opened your heart to us." Jason uttered wickedly.

"What's fucking wrong with you all?" Without no way to run and no one to call upon to, Fabian let up a cried. At that very moment, the same lights appeared.

"O brave hero, call out for the power of legendary chess set to annihilate the darkness!"

A phrase suddenly just ran through Fabian's mind.

"For black n white, I call upon the power of the lengendary chess set! I summon you!(insert pawn)"

Fabian was then covered with lights; he himself could feel a hasty change in his appearance and strength as if he was not himself anymore. Fabian integrated with the white pawn, gaining the powers of double move, slide attack and enpassant. He was shocked to look at himself after the transformation at a mirror nearby.

"Fuck! What is this?"

The mirror reflected the ugliest thing he had ever seen. His right eyeball was white and the other one entirely black. His upper teeth were coloured black and the below ones black. The clothes he wore were made of patches of black and white. Fabian then decided not to have a further look inside the clothes. He was scared that his little brother was coloured black and his scrotum was coloured white or vice versa.

"Please look at the LCD in the chess board to see a selection of skill you can used, o brave hero!"

"Fuck! How come there are such hi-tech stuffs inside this chess board… impossible!" Fabian mumbled.

"Job: Chess Beginner"
Skills available: Pawn rush Lv1, soldier dance Lv1, Purify Lv1
Summoning: Lowly Pawn Deadly Attack"

"Yeah! Now I can fight back… Watch out Jason… Purify Lv1!" Fabian tried to bring Jason to consciousness.

But at the mean time, Jason has casted a strong spell, Black Hole Lv5!

*Okay this part was written by Jason,, give him a big clap by making this article sounds interesting*

Little did Fabian know that he actually jumped into a hole due to the spell. Fabian desperately grabs Jason's robe and the both of them fell into the deep hole. The hole was dark, and narrow. They could feel the air brushing through their cheeks. And their throats have never begged so much for oxygen. Yes. The air was full of carbon dioxide.

It was a minute of falling before they landed. Fabian was struggling to breathe, but Jason lies still on the ground. Fabian couldn't talk. His throat is now screaming for oxygen. He kicked Jason's arm due to desperation. He is still not moving. In an instance, Jason got up. He was calm and steady. Fabian was still trying to adapt to the air. With his back against Fabian, Jason knew there was only one thing to do - kill Fabian to show his loyalty to Lord Mick.

Without much thought, he unleashed a katana-like blade. Jason bit his finger and dripped some blood on the blade. The blade glowed instantly. Fabian knew what was coming. A slash will finish him. He cannot move much because he has not adapted to the air. Jason flashed a wicked grin. He hesitated a little.

"I'll savour this moment, Fabian. I'll truely enjoy this moment." said Jason.

But his hesitation failed him. Joshua appeared from the top and landed right on top of Jason. Fabian breathed a sigh of relief. He was delighted to be alive, really. Strangely, Joshua had no problems adjusting himself to the air.

"What are you doing here ?" asked a tired Fabian.
"You forgot this. I came after you and the zombies threw me down" explained Joshua
Joshua handed Fabian the chess piece. It was a rook. A beautifully crafted rook. It glowed in a yellowish green light. All these while Jason was on the ground, planning his next attack. Jason knew this won't be easy. Lord Mick wouldn't send a high level assasin to kill two normal human beings. Fabian nudges Joshua. Joshua was distracted by the chess piece. It continued to glow so brightly, the walls became visible. Fabian saw how Jason got up and tried to stand up again. To their amusement, Jason was walking around like a blind man, slashing air like a berserk man. The duo then took their chances and threw a kick at Jason. Jason was sent sprawling at a corner. He still didn't know Joshua landed on him. Sensing a disadvantage, Jason dropped some powder and disappears in the resulting mist.

"Why can't he see us ?" asked a blur Joshua.

After cracking their heads, they realised that the rook was helping them see what that was needed to see. And the walls were what they needed to see. Examining the wall, Joshua found some interesting drawings.

Kembang no.1

Yeah, my big name finally muncul in my idol's blog which is ( Coolness!!! This is a pure luck ahahaha. At that time I was chatting with Jason through YM as usual, and then... please find out more in doc's blog. Another thing is that... I am really really afraid of ghost but I am bloody interested in reading ghost stories. So, anyone?

Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Legendary Chess Master - The Beginning

"Do you feel that the earth was shaking this morning?" A friend of the hero, Joshua asked.
"No, I don think so… I slept like a baby. Why?" Fabian answered.
"There is an earthquake this morning."
"Oh… anything serious?"
"Don't know yet…"
"Hmm… let's hope nothing serious happen."

At that night, while Fabian was at the balcony admiring the starry sky out of boredom, he noticed a few shooting stars splashing down.

"One… two… three… four … Hmm… thirty-two? I lost count. Shit!"
"Wait… before it is gone from my sight, let me make a wish fast fast… I hope I find a girl…"

Before he could finished his wish, something dropped down from the sky just a few inches away from his private part.

"What the fu… fuck? Your mother ccb!" Fabian altered the holy words with great difficulty but in his heart he was deeply grateful for God to let him preserve his manly hood. He then took a closer look at the thing. It was a box made of fine Rosewood. But the peculiar parts were after Fabian opened the box, the box turned into a chess board with a single white pawn on the square b1 and the square marked a1 was white not black.

After a detailed observation of the chess board, Fabian gave the dusty chess board a rub. Suddenly, rays of piercing shimmering light daze off inside the chess board…

Em… dear fellow blog readers who give face reading my new blog. Please help me to give some colour to this story by continue the story. I sure it will become very very interesting and em… rojak?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Legendary Chess Master

This is an idea brought to me by Jian You (Mick), one of my pal a few months ago after looking at the unique chess set he bought for me in Seremban.

At the ancient time, there existed a legendary chess set. It was said to uphold the peace of the entire world. If the chess set is to fall into wrong hands, the fate of the world will turned into entire darkness. Why the chess set differed from the others? The most significant different was the a1 square of the chessboard is white not black. Well, it was created by a very powerful bishop (but not so powerful in the knowledge of chess). In order for the chess set to become indestructible, the bishop put in all his magic and will power. Of course, after the completion of the chess set, the bishop dropped dead straight due to exhaustion. The chess set which was entirely made of wood had a magnetic field to enable the wooden chess pieces to stand above it, was guarded and shielded from outside world by the bishop's apprentice called Mick for quite some centuries…

This is just an introduction… I am quite a bad story teller, but if you guys are interested, I will write the whole story out.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


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