Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thanks for everythings

After I read an article from a magazine telling me to show gratitude to my parents because they need my acceptance just as much as I need from them, I began to fall into deep thoughts and memories and come out with a conclusion that rarely in my 21 years life that I have spoken "thank yous" to my parents for what they have done for me. All I know is to ask for more and squeeze out every bit that I can get from them as though they are some mine that have limitless source. I've never say thanks to them for giving me all I have now. Instead I just complain for not giving me enough pocket moneys, high-tech stuffs, love and so many many other things. I wonder how they manage to tolerate my childishness until now. Hmmm... this makes me know how much they love me. So today onward, I will learn to say thanks to my parents whenever I have the chance to do so and also repay them in whatever way I can. So for readers out there, repend now before it is to late hahaha.